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Frequently Asked Questions

General Panel Information

What is the Dodge Data & Analytics (DD&A) Contractor Panel?

The Dodge Data & Analytics Contractor Panel is an exclusive group of contractors that are invited to share their opinions on important topics impacting the construction community by responding to periodic online surveys. Research conducted via the panel will range widely from perceptions of new products, involvement in green construction, impact of technology, and satisfaction with existing products.

What are the benefits of joining the DD&A Contractor Panel?

By joining the panel, you will have the opportunity to weigh in on important issues impacting the construction industry, gain exposure to new product launches and receive an exclusive panel newsletter and complimentary research on topics relevant to the construction community. In addition, you can receive a $10 payment for each survey you complete and submit. You can also receive an entry into an annual sweepstakes totaling $5,000 in cash prizes if you complete and submit at least one panel survey. More detail on these benefits is listed below under "Survey."

How do I become a member of the DD&A Contractor Panel?

To become a panel member, you will need to fill out a brief registration survey. To complete this questionnaire, go to the Register page. All participation in the DD&A Contractor Panel is subject to this panel’s Terms and Conditions.

How do you qualify panelists?

Panelists are reviewed for specialty, size of firm, location, and other profile characteristics to validate that they are representative of the contractor population.

Where do you get the list you use to recruit panelists?

Dodge Data & Analytics invites panelists from among the contractor professionals appearing on DD&A's subscriber lists and databases, drawn from the DD&A Network®, Dodge Projects, Engineering News-Record (ENR), Architectural Record, and Sweets.

What demographics do you have on panelists?

We collect profile information that is industry-specific as well as more generic information.

Is the DD&A Contractor Panel a representative national sample?

Yes, our samples are balanced to the total US contractor population.

Will my profile be sold to other companies?

Panel profile information will not be sold or distributed to any company except to the firm whose software we use to run the panel and that has agreed to keep your personal information confidential. See Privacy Policy.

Why do you need my address and other information in the registration survey?

We need your address to send you payment for completing and submitting a panel survey or for a sweepstakes prize, should you be one of our winners. We use other information collected to qualify you for surveys that pertain to your profession or areas of interest. It is very important to keep your profile current to ensure you qualify for relevant surveys.



How do I qualify for surveys?

We use the information you provided us in the registration survey to determine if you meet a particular survey's requirements. You can update your information at any time by logging into your account.

How do I receive surveys?

If you meet the particular requirements of a survey, you will receive an e-mail with a link to that survey.

How long is the typical survey?

A survey usually takes about 10 to15 minutes to complete.

How long do I have to complete a survey?

You will generally have from two days to one week to complete a survey.

What are the benefits I can receive for taking surveys?

-A $10 payment for each survey you complete and submit.

-Entry into an annual sweepstakes totaling $5,000 in cash prizes if you complete and submit at least one panel survey. Fifteen Panel Members will be selected each year to be awarded $2,000, $500, or $100 prize drawings. For more information, click Sweepstakes Rules.

-The opportunity to weigh in on important issues impacting the construction industry.

-Information about new product launches that may better meet your customers’ needs.

How and when will I get paid for completing individual surveys?

Subject to completion and submission of a panel survey and subject to the Terms and Conditions, you will receive a $10 payment via Visa Gift Card within 4 to 6 weeks. Your payment will be sent via U.S. mail so it is important to keep your address current. Update your address by logging into your account.

What are the surveys about?

Survey topics will vary. Some examples of possible questions include: products you select, brand preferences, or product performance. Surveys you will receive will pertain to your profession or areas of interest and thus will be relevant to you.

For whom does the DD&A Contractor Panel conduct surveys?

We work with building product manufacturers and distributors who need your input and opinions so they can make future decisions on their products, company, and the construction industry at large. On occasion, we may also conduct a survey for other groups within the construction industry.


Your Contractor Panel Account

What is my account for?

It is very important to keep your information current to ensure you receive surveys you are eligible for and to make sure your per-survey payment and potential sweepstakes prizes can be delivered. You can change or update any of your information by logging into your account and updating your profile.

How do I access my account?

Once you join and provide your email and a password, you will receive an email confirming your membership. You may then log into your account.

How do I change my email address or update any other profile information?

You can change or update your email address and your other information on your member home page by logging into your account and updating your profile.

How do I remove myself from the DD&A Contractor Panel?

You may unsubscribe from the panel by logging into your account and clicking on the "Unsubscribe".

Why do I need a password?

A unique password is required when you join the Contractor Panel so you can securely log into your account.

I forgot my password. How can I obtain a new one?

If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password to create a new one.


Your Privacy

Your privacy is guaranteed. As provided for by the DD&A Privacy Policy, all information will be kept confidential. Data will be reported in the aggregate only.